07 gennaio, 2006

Hell above

Yesterday was another dire, epic day for our sky. From sunrise until dusk (at least) white aeroplanes were flying over us in order to leave their chemical, poisonous trails in the atmosphere. Within few hours, crosses, webs and artificial clouds filled the sky which became a strange picture. Neverhteless it was not an action painting, it was not a Pollock’s masterpiece, because the image was ugly, frightening. That’s unbelievable: nobody realized what was happening over his head. Many people were in the streets: somebody was walking, somebody was talking with the neighbour, somebody was drinking a cup of coffee in the bar... But no one looked at Hell above, no one saw it, not even for a while.

Some days ago a friend of mine said: “In north-western Italy people ill for cancer are more numerous than in other regions”.
“Maybe I Know why...” I replied.

I’m not able to prove it, but I think that these chemical elements are very harmful for plants, animals, people, for the environment. I feel something wrong in the air, something wrong with the magnetic fields.

Now I’m writing these words, while monstrous steel pens are creating diabolic hieroglyphics up there. “Luke”, the author of Gospel, predicted: “There will be grand signs in the sky. ”He didn’t know that those signs (every sign) is quite useless, because nobody looks at the sky.

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