07 febbraio, 2006

Jesus and Siddharta

Some scholars, by studying Thomas’ gospel and other traditions, have found some similarities between Jesus’ doctrine and Siddharta’s teaching. We must clear up: either Jesus? The spiritual teacher or the political leader? The first, without doubt, that mysterious Messiah who pronounced the “mountain speech”. Even if, in the four gospels that “christian” church chose during the third century, many words must be referred to the mystic teacher, the “protagonist” is the jewish leader who perhaps died crucifixed. That’s why to study the real Jesus means to investigate about an almost unknown personage.

In reading Thomas’ gospel, which probably contains many Jesus’ words, we can find a treasure of wisdom and knowledge, a forgotten doctrine, far from the official education made of sense of sin, Hell, punishment etc. In fact this text teach us the worth of “gnosis”, i.e. a deep meaning that is either inside of us or all around. With an extraordinary wit, Jesus lead us to break all the appearances and prejudices. He tries to wake the disciples up, because they think by means of schemes: male and female, light and darkness, right and wrong, inside and outside.

This doctrine sometimes is similar to Buddha’s one. How we can explain this? Did Jesus went to India, when he was young? Did he learn something about ancient Siddharta’s philosophy in that country? Some legends tell that Jesus went to India, after the riot against Roman dominion failed. Somebody tells that he, after living many years, died there. Some one saw his tomb. Thomas, may be Jesus’ brother, reached India too, where he created a famous community. Is it a coincidence? I don’t know and I think it’s not important. Historians will study legends and facts to try to discover the truth.

What I know is this. If mankind, instead of listening to some false or ambiguous words coming from Christ, the political leader, or Mohamed, read Thomas’ gospel, with its irony, undestanding and love, now we should comprehend that “two could become one.”

Unfortunately nobody cares about it. Besides he foresaw this situation when he said:“In the past, I didn’t revealed what you wanted to know. Now I would say those things, but you don’t ask me anymore”.

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